Holy Catacombs (Passus 2)(7) [Living Annotations]

Swimming through the darkness like a toad, that is to say, poorly, you quickly find your way to Falsehood and Flattery’s living quarters, albeit with a few new bumps on your head.

Unlike what you have been accustomed to, the walls here are very perforated– dozens of tiny vents exist and though it is tempting to tempt luck, you figure it would be better if you stayed in the shadows while the two figures talked.

Unfortunately, Falsehood and Flattery’s domicile is larger than you expected, and their voices do not travel well. You figure you will have to move from the shadows and into the vented portions of the wall to hear their conversation; but, you cannot do that without potentially revealing yourself.

What do you do?

[Wait for a few minutes]

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