Holy Catacombs (Passus 2)(9) [Living Annotations]

You wait just long enough for the two people (?) to turn their backs and once they do, you practically leap into the vented area of the wall so you can properly hear the two speak.

“Aye, do not worry, Falsehood, all is going as planned,” said Flattery. “Money will be yours in due time. I have been working overtime to ensure that it is so.”

Falsehood, looking ragged and like he had not eaten or drunk much in recent days, appeared only mildly relieved.

No danger so far of being discovered so far.

“That woman,” Falsehood said, referring to Money, “is my whole existence. She is in me and gives me life like water does to a fish. I cannot live without her. So, when you say that things are nearly ready, they best be, or else.”

“As I said, I have been working overtime and the results, I think, will speak for themselves. Every councilor and Alderman I have spoken to is on your side, Falsehood. Do not fret.”

You notice that it looks like they are about to move back to their seats. What do you do?

[Move back into the shadows]

[Continue standing where you are in the vented area]

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