Holy Catacombs (Passus 2)(17) [Living Annotations]

Conscience’s room is going to be tricky. Looking at the map, you realize that no path from your current position will take you directly there; you will have to exit the service tunnels and enter the actual hallways. And since the hallways will likely have guards, you need to be careful. And, moreover, you need to find a way out of the service tunnels.

Looking at the map that Theology gave you, you hold your shining gem up real close to try and find anything on the map that looks like an opening into the great hall proper. You find precious little but continue to strain your eyes. The only thing you can find is what looks like crude rectangular boxes on some of the lines. You reason that those must be your way into the hall, otherwise, you will be stuck in here with the cobwebs and mold.

Thinking you have found the general area denoted on the map, you look at your surroundings. Nothing.

You sigh and get to work at doing what you do best– hoping against hope that you find what you need to find to save your grade. Jeesh.

[Push against the wall looking for any creases or openings]

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