Holy Catacombs (Passus 2)(18) [Living Annotations]


Suddenly, the door budges and you just barely manage to push it open. Relived that you managed to find the “secret” path into the building-proper, you don’t waste any time in squeezing your body through the narrow opening.

Emerging into the hallway, you are surprised at the luster. Regal purple carpets thicker than a dog’s fur line the floors while the walls are plastered with an array of colorful banners. Light is provided by an assortment of candles placed in fancy, silver holders. In the air, there is a faint scent of cooked meats. The smell makes your belly growl enough that you forget about the many precious stones adorning the cracks in the masonry, a touch that adds to the splendor of this place and makes you, once again, to reflect on the nature of wealth.

Taking out your map once more, you are relieved to see that Conscience’s room is just a jaunt away. You take a turn and almost run into two guards. Now, what do you do?

[Wait until they move]

[Try and convince them to let you enter the room]

[Return to the service tunnels and locate a different room]

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