Holy Catacombs (Passus 2)(19) [Living Annotations]

Throwing logic to the backburner, you straighten your back and approach the door to Conscience’s room like you own the place. Sure, you have some dust on your shoulders and look more like a knight errand in-training, but hey, miracles could happen, right?

The guards, obviously, stop you. They look concerned and say that no one is allowed to enter; furthermore, one of them eyes you strangely and asks your name.

What do you do?

[Say that you are mistaken and return to the previous hallway]

[Try to convince them to let you in: warning, this is unlikely to work; however, if you really wish to try, post a comment below on what you would do and maybe, just maybe, you will be let in if your knowledge of medieval society is impressive!]

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