Simony’s room is a minor pain to get to: you had to traverse several unstable ladders, knock around a few abnormally large vermin, and use up a lot of your mana powering your gem since these lower service tunnels are much darker than the ones up above.

You know you found Simony’s room when the darkness thins and you are able to reduce the sheen on your gem. Slowly able to make out the vents on the walls, you approach as quietly as you can, hoping you don’t trip and make a noise on some pipe or wooden beam.

Scanning the room from one such vent, you see very little in the room. In fact, no one is even in the room.

A nice, easy target. Or so you believe. Knowing your luck, someone will walk in just as you are about to leave. Well, can’t be helped if that is the case.

[You budge the door open and enter the room]

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