It is easy to locate the kitchen in the service tunnels as you could easily smell the delicious food cooking. Man, you really should have had more of a breakfast this morning. Honestly, though, you have no idea how long you’ve been in this machine at this point. Hours, days?

It doesn’t matter. With any luck, Guile will be in here and you will be able to collect evidence without him even knowing. Fat chance? Perhaps. But you’ve always preferred heavy-set statistics.

Clawing away at the ventilated section of the wall, you gently push your way into the kitchen.

You easily evade the chefs; though there is a bundle of them intently cooking away at several stations, they do not notice you. Or, if they do notice you, they do not care to create trouble over your sighting. You imagine that failing to properly cook for the king must exert a heavy price.

Lo and behold, there Guile is– receiving some packet of food from a servant.

[Follow closely behind as he leaves the kitchen]

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