Managing whatever stealth skills you can conjure, you trail behind Guile as he leaves the kitchen. Satisfied that no one saw or will report you, you become braver and sneak a little closer to Guile. You think that maybe you can lift some incriminating documents from his back pocket; sure, it’s an odd place to keep such items but you are not complaining.

But, crappers, you fuddle with the documents and panic, Guile notices that his back pocket is lighter and turns around in time to spot you before you are able to dash off into one of the side corridors. Crap!

Reacting skillfully, Guile twirls around and kicks you in your side. His boot smashes into your gut and though you are able to mitigate some of the pain by rolling backward, it still feels all too real.

“Well, well, well… a thief!” Guile spits. Drawing a knife, Guile clearly aims to gut you like a fish. So, you have no choice but to defend yourself– it looks like it is a boss battle.

Darn. You hate those. They are essentially quizzes. Shit.

[Fight Guile]

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