Satisfied that you have gathered enough evidence to convince the king to annul the marriage between Miss Money and False Fickle-Tongue, you return to Theology. Now that you are an expert in these passages, it is an easy task to return and you make good time. You pray that you remain in time to convince the king.

Returning to the grate that you first met Theology at, you see that he is still there, reading. You rap gently on the grate to get his attention. He approaches and asks you how you fared.

“Well,” you respond as you present your evidence.

“Let’s hope that this is enough to sway the king. He is wise but fair and will not side with us merely because we make a good argument; we must be absolutely sure that whatever evidence we present will sway his mind. Are you sure you are ready or would you like to gather some more evidence?”

What do you want to do? Keep in mind that you will only be able to access the items you acquire in this chapter in the next and that may affect how the following chapter unfolds.

[Collect more evidence]

[Proceed to the King’s Meeting]

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