Well, the summer is quickly coming to an end– with September just around the corner, everyone in education knows what that means: school.

For me, this means a return to university. My sixth year. And, all groaning aside, I am looking forward to my return to campus living.

With just under a couple weeks left of break, I figured now was the time for my semi-annual blog check-in. I used to have these several times a year over at my old Google blog, but have only just gotten back into the habit of posting them here; so, let’s try and start the new academic year right and make headway with some honesty.

Some months ago, I published my aspirations for the summer vacation. In that short post, I had remarked, among other promises, that I would finish a couple of The Great Courses lecture series as well as finally get around to finishing a Let’s Read or two (yeah, remember those? LOL). Obviously, with that time come and gone, that has not happened.

At all.

All though I have been getting content up on a regular basis, the quality is mixed (at best). Some of it is neat, and relatively well written (such as a few of my non-medieval bits), while others are just bland (such as the republishing of my education coursework). Since I really need to keep a regular beat of content, some less-than-amazing pieces are the natural result of this work ethic, so I am not torn up over it, especially when I am belaboring on educational games and projects.

Speaking about educational games, this summer saw the beginning of Living Annotations, my latest quasi-educational adventure. As of now, I am still writing this project and will, hopefully, have it finished by the end of the coming academic year.

Now, my other educational creative-project, Enchanted Assemblages, is, as I said in that summer announcement post from a few months back, in a sort of “stasis.” I have, thankfully, kept my word and been thinking about the larger idea of Assemblages, but, unfortunately, I have not been brainstorming as much as I would have initially liked. This is not a bad thing, per se, since I feel I am nearing a point where once I resume publication, the project will go much faster. Yet, for now, all I can say is that whenever I have the time to resume Assemblages, I will: it is not something I want to leave unfinished and I feel passionate about it as a project. (Even if progress will be fitfully slow on it.)

In terms of changes to the blog, I have updated the Page menu with the inclusion of “Resources.” Every semi-academic blog out there has a resources page, so I am not including one here because I feel it is the end all place; I am sure that many other reliable and scholarly places exist on the web where you will find much better resources pages then here, but I include it anyway because these resources have helped me in the past. So, if they helped me, as an Undergrad, then maybe they will help you too (or at least jog your memory as to some odd sources). With that being said, if you have pertinent resources you would like to share, comment below and if I like them, I will add a link.

While I have you here, I should also chat a bit about the future, because as I made-out with my Pedagogy page and the My Path to Education announcement, I will have not as much time for purely medieval studies in the future. As my engagement with medievalism has always been an independent affair, this does not faze me, though it is pertinent to mention for any readers of this blog. Why it’s pertinent is because this will set back my other projects as I focus on my education schoolwork and my forthcoming side-projects (like the medieval related side-projects coming your way in a couple of years). I will still make sure to get up some quick notes from time to time and hopefully those Let’s Reads (…), but between said side-projects and my coursework and everything else, yeah, content is going to be a weird mishmash of things for a little bit. Please bear with me.

In all, I think things have been well. The best? No, but good. Nothing hugely remarkable if I am honest but steady progress all the same.

As a closing remark, then, I will ask you to continue to be patient with me as I publish tons more posts related to Living Annotations. Because this project will be completed within the full year, I am hoping that come that day when it is done and playable, you will give it a fair shake as a unique (and free!) educational product.

Until then, peace.

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