After the study session with my group, I found myself paralyzed. It wasn’t that I was afraid that I couldn’t keep up with their upperclassmen intellects, just that they seemed so far ahead of me despite the class only just beginning. Sure, I knew that as seniors, they had the advantage of being acclimated to the proper studying methodology that would result in them getting ahead; that was stuff I still had to learn, but when you are a first-year student with a chip on your shoulder, such niceties don’t come to mind.

I had told Sora about my difficulty in studying and he came up with a brilliant solution– pester me with factoids until I had mastered the material.


He thought that we should begin with the first few pages of the historical introduction to Charny’s book on knightly conduct. I didn’t object, but then again, he didn’t exactly give me a choice either, so…

“Come on, let’s go into the hallway,” said Sora.

[Leave Sora’s comfy dorm room and go into the hallway]

[Be stubborn and stay in Sora’s dorm]

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