Enchanted Assemblages: An Academic Conversation; A Knight’s Own Book of Chivalry, Pg.1-3 (d)

“A… phone booth? Why does your dorm have this.. wait, what’s a phone booth?”

“RENO– FOCUS!” Sora yelled.

Reno, still, took a moment to really focus; looking into the phone booth, it was like a tea parlor from one of his grand-father miniature sets. Two small chairs sat opposite one another from across an adorable circular table. In the middle of the table sat– Reno didn’t even know– a phone? Yeah, a phone, it was one of those old phones that he saw in black and white movies. Reno wondered absent-mindedly if it actually worked. He figured it must since there was a large book, which he presumed was a phone book, pushed away in a corner.

Weird, so weird. A hipster firm must have designed the dorm. Did they think this was an art installation? Did they figure that it added culture to the dorm? And if so, then what sort of culture?

All of these things and more ran through Reno’s mind before Sora dragged him back to reality.

“RENO! RENO!” Sora’s voice finally broke through.

“Oh, sorry, I got carried away into my own mind again. What were you saying?”

“Chivalry. Door. Yes or No?”



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