Enchanted Assemblages: An Academic Conversation; A Knight’s Own Book of Chivalry, Pg.1-3 (f)

“No, it is absolutely not Chivalry!” Reno responded, a bit taken aback that Sora would even ask him such an elementary question.

“Exactly,” Sora said. “As it said in the first section of the introduction, ‘Medieval chivalry was thus a highly serious code. It was in no sense frivolous or ephemeral, concerned only with a few outward forms of social life as the popular form would have it’ (2).”

“Obviously,” replied Reno. “If it was an ‘ephemeral’ or ‘frivolous’ code, Charny wouldn’t have succeeded in his goal of ‘instructing young knights’ or ‘recalling grizzled veterans’ to their ideal (1). He would have failed. Full stop.”

“Precisely, so you did read the introduction!”

Reno was silent.

“Anyway, my idea was this– look at the door.”

[Look at the door]

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