Enchanted Assemblages: An Academic Conversation; A Knight’s Own Book of Chivalry, Pg.1-3 (g)

“Okay, Sora, I am looking at the door… ?”

Sora then proceeded to gingerly open the door with an overly pompous grace, as though he were escorting a princess to a ball.

“After you,” Sora remarked, taking a small bow.

Reno walked through the door and back into the dorm room. He was confused about what just happened.

“Remember on the second page of the historical introduction when Dr. Kaeuper talks about chivalrous survivals?”

“Like,” Reno muttered, slowly forcing out the words, “when he talked about men holding doors open for women or standing at attention when women entered the room?”

“Yes!” Sora exclaimed, seemingly happy that Reno was getting it. “When he talked about that, he explicitly mentioned, and I quote, ‘This longevity of chivalry is highly significant, but it creates distinct problems of interpretation. We may think that such pale modern survivals from the medieval code showed us how chivalry actually worked in the medieval period. They do not’ (2). Just because they exist, somewhat, in our world, doesn’t mean that chivalry still exists in its entirety.”

“Okay, I see what you mean, I just don’t know where you are going with it.”

“Totally. And that is the point. Chivalry is more than an abstract set of ideals, they are qualifications, a stern code (2). Almost like a college degree.”

[What do you mean, ‘like a college degree’?]

[Muse on Charny’s role in knighthood]

[Extrapolate: free conversation]

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