Enchanted Assemblages: An Academic Conversation; A Knight’s Own Book of Chivalry, Pg.1-3 (j)

Taking turns holding the door open for one another, both Sora and Reno exchanged musings they had on the first few pages of the historical introduction, neither student very much thinking about the material in-depth.

“Man, this Charny guy was the tits, right?” Reno said, in a more bro-tastic tone than he usually takes alongside Sora.

“Yeah. Supposedly he was the first owner of the Shroud of Turin, was a big dude in the Order or the Company of the Star, and died a hero’s death at some big battle. While not writing books, he was a clerical reformer (3). Intense stuff.”

“An interesting overlay, though, right?” remarked Reno, going once more into the hallway as Sora held the door open with much pomp.


“Well, he was a clerical reformer in his own way, yeah, but the introduction said near the end of that first section, that he was first and foremost a warrior. So, I just thought that this would be a lot like a soldier returning from war becoming an anti-war activist. The parallel isn’t perfect, but the idea of being primarily one thing while also advocating for other remains. You know?”

“Oh, yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Sora and Reno continue to muse on Charny was a knight until they become tired of opening and closing the door to Sora’s dormitory. People walking past them in the hallway look at them funny.


[What are your thoughts on Charny as a knight at least as far as we know about him and his ethos in these first few pages? Do you think the parallel of him as described by Reno makes sense? If not, then why not? Provide your own observations and thoughts about Charny as a comment below.]

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