But, that was enough: neither Sora nor Reno knew what had happened in that valley gorge but they did know that they still had one more corruption to rectify in this chapter.

Hence, why both boys were now dressed in hastily borrowed formal wear– overly ornate wool dyed in scarlet tones accompanied by silk finishers– and could have done without Vingaard being so vividly realized– clothes itched like a bit-…

“Okay,” said Sora, “this shouldn’t be that hard: tell me, what has happened up to this point in Malory’s story?”

“Well,” said Reno a bit hesitantly, trying his best to block out all of the stimuli. “After the death of the Duke, Uther, with the help of Merlyn, disguises himself as the Duke and sleeps with Igrayne, though I think it is patently obvious it is rape. So, this is their wedding.”

“Yes… yes. That is how I remember the reading as well. So, we are looking for a corruption here that would seem out of place in the context of holy matrimony. Let’s split up and search. Good?”

“Yuppers. Sounds good. If I find anything, I will scream.”

Sora laughed, really, more of a giggle. Reno liked it when he giggled. It made him feel like he was walking less on egg-shells and more on equal footing.


[Go see what Kynge Lott of Lowthean and of Orkenay and his bride Margawse are up to]

[Investigate kynge Nentres of the land of Garlot and his bride to be Elayne]

[Speak to kynge Uther about the thyrd syster morgan lesey who was put to scole in a nonnery]

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