Engaging the Text: Le Morte Darthur: Ch.2: Marriage and Other Problems (b)

Reno walked over to where kynge Nentres and his wife, Elayne, were sitting. Neither seemed particularly interested in Reno, though Elayne did throw a brief glance over in Reno’s direction which seemed to indicate that she was bemused by the idea of a knight so young in attendance at a royal event.

Bringing up the virtual text of Le Morte Darthur in his visor, Reno quickly scanned the ending part of the second chapter of book one for any inclination or clue as to what he should do. Honestly, he was at a loss here.

“Howdy,” Reno said dumbstruck.

Neither the king nor queen responded. Of course not, thought Reno, ‘howdy,’ what is that shit? It’s like some crappy line from a Spaghetti Western.

Quickly re-reading the final paragraph from the chapter, he didn’t find anything that would help him in his current situation. The text was bland. It was literally just a run-down of who got married and integrates into Uther’s new regime.

“Uhhhh… so about the Duke,” Reno said in a tone as knightly as he could manage.

“What about him?” responded Nentres in a ruffled voice. Reno was happy that he was doing something right. “Where you and your knight-companion supposed to intercept the Duke and slay him? Your failure might have cost your lord a good number of men during his siege at Terrabil; thankfully, the Lord granted mercy and the Duke merely fled instead of harassing our host, but still, next time, perhaps we will not be so lucky.”

“I apologize for the less than successful mission, my king, but special circumstances were involved and the Duke out-maneuvered us using dark magicks.” Reno countered, trying his best to draw the fine line between “real speech” and “period appropriate speech.” He knew that the virtual world likely automatically scaled his speech for the NPCs but he still liked to do his best regardless.

“Dark magicks? Hmmm… such does not bode well, I fear, for our lord Vther’s rule.”

And that was where the conversation ended. At that, Reno stopped trying to force conversation; though he often felt slighted by these NPCs, his knowledge of the medieval world just wasn’t enough to continue the conversation. Data or not, they only responded to practical speech, like in the real world; sure, he could be a jerk and revel in existential despair, but that wouldn’t get him anywhere. The point is, though, that he was fairly confident that the corruption wasn’t here in this part of the chapter.

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