Engaging the Text: Le Morte Darthur: Ch.2: Marriage and Other Problems (c)

Sora wandered over to where king Lott and Margawse were standing. They appeared to be deep in conversation about lines of succession and the sort. Sora cared little for such programmed niceties, though he did what he always did in such situations– barge right into an NPC conversation and revel in the fact that he, as a player, was a special sort of life-form compared to these lifeless amalgamations of ones and zeros. Sora always got an immature kick out of interrupting a conversation and then being greeted as though he had patiently waited his turn to speak; maybe it spoke to control issues he had, maybe, but it was still fun.

“GREETINGS MY LORD AND LADY,” Sora practically screamed as he dove headfirst into the verbal pool. Rude? Yes, but that made his trolling of the simulation all the sweeter.

But, something happened that he didn’t expect– Margawse, so surprised at Sora’s interruption that she actually yelped, slapped Sora on his cheek. Actually slapped him.

“Young knight, I do not know where or who taught you your manners, but in these lands, we do not interrupt our superiors in the middle of a conversation. Kindly wait your turn if you must have a word with my husband.”

Sora was dumbstruck. That had never happened before. Typically, NPCs would greet you in the standard way, from a set pool of generic responses that repeated via algorithm. This was… different. An advanced algorithm. He was intrigued: indeed, everything about this game so far was different from any other interactive seminar he had taken at university. A cut above the rest, as the saying goes.

Recovering from the shock of a non-standard reply, Sora didn’t dwell for very long near the newly married couple. There was hardly anything to talk about in terms of practical effects, so he just went on his way knowing that a corruption was not likely to be in this corner of the room.

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