Reno sauntered on over to kyng vther. Seated near a non-descript throne and surrounded by advisors, Reno tried to present as a knight. Technically, in the fiction of the game world, he was one, so he shouldn’t have to pretend, but he still had trouble figuring out exactly how much Vingaard automated in terms of anachronistic behavior and how much was on him as a semi-educated student.

“Greetings, my lord, I salute you on your marriage to the fair lady.”

“Well received, young knight,” Vther said. “And good labor on routing the dreaded Duke. It is unfortunate that he was unable to be killed, but at least he was unable to harass my forces. Still, with him gone, his forces have dissipated and war no longer threatens our peace.”

Reno was thankful for that, at least. He still remembers not that long ago where he was alongside Sora scared out of his fucking mind as two armies clashed at one another; the blood, the screaming, the… it may have been all just data, but it felt so ungodly real. It still gives him shivers.

“For that, you and I are equally as thankful,” Reno replied, not sure what else to say. Distracted, Reno said something about family and the high price one would pay if war should resume.

“Very right, young knight. That is why I have placed my third sister, the sister you do not see here wedded, in a nunnery, so that she might be reared in the holy arts.”

“You mean Morgan Lesey,” Reno asked, the archaic spelling of the name throwing him a bit off as the unusual words materialized and then quickly vanished into thin air as the game system brought to his attention the importance of the name.

“Indeed. I worry about her often but feel that it is for her best. My advisors speak ill of her and claim she is destined for darker things. I will hope they are misreading the future.”

Reno continued to make small talk with Vther, though after several more minutes, it was clear that the program was not deeply written since dialogue slowed to a basic crawl; if there was room for more advanced options, Reno did not know of them.

Then, something caught Reno’s eye. Behind the kyng’s throne, there was a contraption of sorts. A mesh of wires, rope, and sharp bundles of arrows, Reno thought that he had found the corruption they had been looking for.

[Call Sora over and rectify the Corruption]

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