“What the hell, why are we back at the region map?!” Reno yelled.

“‘Cause the bomb blew us to bits,” Sora replied, oddly calm. “We have to go back and be better, faster than we were that last time.”

“Ugh. Damn it!” Reno grunted, clearly frustrated with how things had turned out.

“That is the least of things, though, look at that,” Sora pointed Reno over toward the marker icon for Chapter 2.


The great Merlyn returns to King Uther; Uther, desperate to win the fair maiden Igrayine’s hand, assents to Merlyn’s demands; Merlyn, as agreed, gives unto King Uther a daring and deceptive plan.


Reno looked and was unmoved in an angry way.

“Ugh. The Duke’s whole… meltdown didn’t count as a rectification. Fucker.”

“Yup,” Sora confirmed, “We are going to have some backtracking to do.”

“Great. Just ‘effing great.”



Both Reno and Sora returned to the second chapter fully expecting to have to repeat the tedious, and chilly, section on the gorge where they ambushed the Duke.

Surprisingly, they were taken instead, straight to the wedding scene at the end of the chapter.

Knowing what to do straight away, both Reno and Sora made only the mandatory small talk before they snuck behind the kyng’s throne to once more examine the bomb.

Unfortunately, cutting various wires and removing what they thought were vital elements of the bomb, proved fruitless, and the bomb once more exploded, sending them rocketing back to the region map.

“What are we doing wrong?!” A frustrated Reno spoke.

After a moment of silence, Sora thought that he knew.

“Come on,” Sora said, “Let’s try something left-field.”

The two, again, went back to the wedding scene. This time, though, as they finished up making small talk with the important nobles, Sora approached the kyng and said, “My lord, behind your chair is a dark device invented by fiends loyal to the Duke. Though I apologize for my forward behavior, I must ask you and your whole party to leave the room at once, otherwise, I fear this device will kill everyone.”

The kyng, at first, was unswayed, but once Reno had shown Vther the device, and his eyes widened like marbles, Vther evacuated everyone from the throne room in the nick of time. For, as soon as the last person had left, the bomb exploded, creating a thunderous noise as flame and smoke devastated the once beautiful throne.

And that was it, once the bomb blew but everyone was safe, Reno and Sora were jettisoned back to the region map, this time as victors with a corruption rectified.

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