Hi, ya’ll,

Okay, so I don’t want to keep you for very long but this is what is going to happen regarding the continued publication of my pet project, Enchanted Assemblages:

It, Enchanted Assemblages, is moving to an entirely Creative Writing based format with each volume self-published on Amazon.


I won’t mince words– it is because it doesn’t look like WordPress is going to be a proper hosting place any longer. It is just going to get too expensive. WordPress recently sent out an email saying how they were changing their model so that a domain registration was no longer included in their personal plans: they said,

This domain credit change will take effect on your next billing date and you will be charged $26 for your domain. . . and $48 for your Personal plan.

Honestly, that is too expensive for my blood. WordPress was already expensive before but now it is just milking its customers.

From my perspective, I assume I could just get the domain without the extra data provided by the personal plan, but that will likely introduce its own problems since Enchanted Assemblages is a large project (and I don’t even know if that is possible). In short, I probably need that data provided from the personal plan.

So… this website will likely renew with just the domain registration, but due to the data package, it looks like Enchanted Assemblages is going to have to move to a new home.

I am at peace with this decision. I like the idea of self-publishing the pieces– keeping each volume cheap, around a dollar per volume– as it gives me more time to revamp the project.

However, the move to a more commercial framework does mean some changes to the project, mainly, I will no longer be able to provide the scholarly material for free.

When this project was being done in an educational format, one that didn’t seek any profit, I didn’t have any bones with placing up relevant, and modest, selections from books and essays up on the site so readers could follow along with the characters and the content they studied. Now, though, with the introduction of money, I simply can’t profit off of other peoples’ intellectual labor, so I will outline the recommended curriculum in each volume and suggest that readers use their local libraries to request the materials themselves.

I will admit this is an odd turn for the project to take. Considering everything, however, including stuff that this post has chosen to omit, I feel this is the best path.

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