The Early Middle Ages (A Great Course Review)

This review was a long time coming; specifically, because, I alternated this course along with another Great Courses lecture series. So it feels like an epic, even though it is but a normal series of lectures. Despite not being an epic course, however, I learned an epic amount from this course. So it all worked…Read more »

Will the Real Merlin Please Stand Up? (A Review)

Originally airing on television has a brief fifty-minute documentary detailing the legend and life of Merlin, I found The Real Merlin impossible to ignore once I found its focus was to deconstruct some of the kookier elements of modern Merlin-worship. So, I sat down, watched it, and boy, did I discover a whole new side…Read more »

St.Augustine, Pt.2 (Notes:39)

Augustine’s late life would continue to struggle against forms of heretical movements; after the Donatists—mostly a North African phenomena—Augustine would turn his attention to another sect called the Plagenianists a group debated throughout the whole of the Roman Empire; Augustine’s arguments reinforced mass-psychological and social complexes already at work in the social-material reality of the…Read more »

Athletes of God (Notes:37)

Before the reign of Constantine, when Christianity was an illegal and sometimes persecuted religion, the Christian elite were divided into two groups—one, Confessors, who openly preached with the belief of being martyred, that is, killed for their devotion (this, actually, was hard to do if you wished to die by the state since, as Roman…Read more »