Sword in the Machine: or, King Arthur in Thailand (A Review)

Guess what? It is another B-Arthurian flick. You know the drill—bad, overly-hammy acting, cringe-inducing special effects, and a plot which is eccentric, to say the least. A film, in other words, only produced to steal some of the spotlight from the Guy Ritchie Arthurian outing[1]. Enter Jared Cohn’s King Arthur and the Knights of the…Read more »

Will the Real Harry Potter Please Stand Up?

As we explored previously, Mr. Potter is more than the Boy Who Lived, he is the quintessential “Fair Unknown”, the youth who travels to a great court and proves himself against all odds. But, what about Harry’s friends? Do they have any significance to the Arthurian legend in the same manner of Harry? Maybe they…Read more »

Simulating Arthuriana: Some Notes on Guy Ritchie’s “Legend of the Sword”

Man, after slogging through a few Arthurian B-Movies—Excalibur Rising, The Dragons of Camelot, The Real Merlin—I was relieved to finally see an Arthurian film with money behind it, and good acting, and CGI which didn’t make me want to gouge my increasingly twitching eye out. Enter, Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword.…Read more »