Will the Real Harry Potter Please Stand Up?

As we explored previously, Mr. Potter is more than the Boy Who Lived, he is the quintessential “Fair Unknown”, the youth who travels to a great court and proves himself against all odds. But, what about Harry’s friends? Do they have any significance to the Arthurian legend in the same manner of Harry? Maybe they…Read more »

The Canterbury Tales: The Legacy Today (Final Thoughts)

Pilgrim’s Prize (Pt.25): Final Thoughts (Chaucer Journal) Going through Harry Bailey and company’s brilliant project Pilgrim Literary was a fantastic experience. Since this was also my first time reading Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, I do not think I could have asked for a more complete experience. The idea of re-creating Chaucer’s tales in a modern…Read more »

The Canterbury Tales: The Legacy Today (The Parson’s Tale & Chaucer’s Retraction)

Pilgrim’s Prize (Pt.24): The Parson’s Tale & Retraction (Chaucer Journal) Finally, the final tale. Well it is not a tale, just a sermon. A literal honest to God sermon. Yeah, so the Parson’s Tale lacks a narrative. It is simply Chaucer mumbling about penitence and the Seven Deadly Sins. As the book’s explanatory notes makes…Read more »

The Canterbury Tales: The Legacy Today (The Manciple’s Tale)

Pilgrim’s Prize (Pt.23): The Manciple’s Tale (Chaucer Journal)                 Poor old Phoebus. He got plucked. I guess that’s the life of a loyal servant. Anyways, this tale is short and sweet. The crux of it is that a great knight’s wife has an affair with another man because her husband is never around; she is…Read more »