I define “cultural medievalism” as the medieval world– that is, the period of time which last nearly a thousand years from the decline of the Roman Empire to the start of the Early Modern period– articulated through post-medieval minds; the Renaissance Artist drawing knights jousting, therefore, is as much part of the cultural medieval milieu as the Victorian academic who couldn’t understand how knights rode horses or even the modern cartoon animation studio who cranks out mediocre Arthurian riffs for the quick buck. Cultural medievalism is the medieval world as depicted in our culture, whether it be for noble purposes (attempting to fundamentally change how we see the medieval world) or ill-nobel purposes (late capitalism’s incessant need to reify and differentiate to make a cynical dollar).

On this page, then, you will find all of my posts which meditate on examples of cultural medievalism. These posts are short form, informal academic pieces of content. They are usually not essays (as in, meticulously articulated and carefully argued papers). So, they are closely akin to musings and me thinking aloud. What each post shares, though, is my tenacity to probe culture and find the medieval connection.

Modernity: Today


Victorian Modernity