Any medievalist worth his or her or their own salt, even one in-training like myself, should be at least familiar with the basics of Latin. But, what to do when your university doesn’t offer Latin? Do you go back from whence you came and sulk? Maybe, but not I; I argue for the university to let me transfer the credits in and have them count toward my language requirement. Finally, after enough prodding, they relented, happy to be done with me.

Recounted below is my struggles and tribulations for your enjoyment.

~Fall 2017~

My Journey into Latin: Standing Before the Gate” ; “The Great Latin Adventure– opening the Gate!” ; “The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step…” ; “Tooth Extraction and the Latinate Rush” ; “Munching in Latin” ; “Hopefully, a Better Latin Future” ; “Smooth Latin, Like Jazz, But Better?” ; “Dead Sunshine: Getting Over the Case Endings” ; “Latin: A Game of Inches” ; “A Latin Inch Lost” ; “Annotating my Life Away” ; “I Must Shift this Sad Truth