John Milton was the contemporary of William Shakespeare and author of the epic poem Paradise Lost. A literary genius in more ways than one, I was fortunate enough to take an exemplary Milton-centered course during the 2017 spring term. Many of these entries originate from that period, though I fully intend on continuing my engagement with this amazing (non-medieval) poet.

(1) On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity (Initial Response)

(2) Comus (Initial Response)

(3) IL Penseroso (Initial Response)

(4) How Soon Hath Time (Initial Response)

(5) Aeropagitica (Initial Response)

(6) Lycidas (Initial Response)

(7) Responding to Comus’s Epilogue

(8) “Milton’s Mudlow Masque” (An Essay Response)

(9) “Evans Response” (An Essay Response)

(10) Milton’s Becoming: An Immanent Reading of the Attendant Spirit in Comus (An original paper)

(11) A Short Class Presentation on Paradise Lost’s Opening

(12) God in Paradise Lost