Many academics look down on fun. It is no surprise then that many look down on something like “Let’s Reads”.

For those of you unaware, Let’s Reads are just commentary offered on books by various personalities. They are usually salty in tone and non-academic, though some bring more intellectual rigor to the table than others. It is up to the person offering the Let’s Read.

I myself inspired to write my first Let’s Read over a year ago when I was reading the old blog of Ronan Wills, Doing in the Wizard. His Let’s Reads were progressive, critical, salty, and still managed to be humorful. After going through his backlog, I found myself itching to try a Let’s Read of my own in his style. I think I managed it well with the text I choose (T.H White’s The Sword in the Stone (and yes, that Let’s Read will eventually be published on this blog as soon as I finish all the transferring and scheduling from my old medieval research blog)). So, now I continue this medium by shying away from the academic elitism of usual researchers and making my own salty thoughts free to the public.

The first few Let’s Read series I will be posting– which will stretch over several months– will be sarcastic, salty, and fairly crude in its tone and approach. Eventually, however, I plan on attempting to do a Let’s Read which utilizes theory and intellectual directness as I comment on the contents of each chapter. This will be my attempt to help redefine the genre or at least offer something seldom seen by Let’s Readers.

In the meantime, enjoy the links below.

“A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court” by Mark Twain [Unfinished]
“The Sword in the Stone” by T.H. White (Posts: 25)