Have you ever read a book?

Of course, you have. You live in a society and have gone through school. At one point or another, you have read a book and so you have most likely seen those little things called “annotations.”

In academic writing, an annotation is like a footnote– it is something an editor or an astute reader does when taking notes on a book or article. The idea is that annotating the text– underlining, highlighting, making marginal notes, and so on– will help them better remember and understand the material for later.

But what if I told you that annotations can be more than a dour intellectual’s collection of scribbles? What if I told you that annotations can be infused with living essence, the basic elements of our existence on this earth?

You would rightly be skeptical, especially at the grandiose manner, I expressed it.

I want to introduce you now to Living Annotations. My latest project combining the scholarly and non-scholarly worlds. In spending just 30-40 minutes a day, participants (like you!) will find that their relationship to literature will fundamentally change.

If this sounds interesting, if you have always wanted to find new and exciting ways to relate to literature and the medieval world, then give Living Annotations a try.


Living Annotations

Glad you decided to join us. To quickly come up to speed with how to play this project, please give our Instruction Manual a read. Once you have finished reading the manual and have acquired your copy of The Vision of Piers Plowman, continue on below.

Player Manual and FAQ   &   Literary Event Worksheet

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the basics, you are ready to proceed to the HUB overworld. By this time, you should have in your possession everything you need to complete the challenge, such as a copy of Langland’s poem, a composition notebook, and a variety of highlighters (on top of the usual writing utilities). If you do not have these things yet, it is recommended that you wait until such a time when you do (though it is not mandatory).

If you are ready to experience Living Annotations, then click the link below to be taken to the HUB overworld and start your unique literary mission!

HUB Overworld