The Medieval Harry Potter

Welcome to an Enchanted world…

As a franchise, Harry Potter has delighted fans young and old around the world. Now, I invite you to probe its fantastical magical depths to face something you have likely never noticed before– it’s medieval legacy! Believe it or not, the whole of the Harry Potter franchise is filled with numerous references to the medieval and ancient world. Please, join me as I research and deconstruct these threads and help unravel a side of ‘the boy who lived’ that you have never seen.

~ ~

(1) Series Introduction

(2) The Boy Who Lived or the Fair Unknown?

(3) Who is Salazar Slytherin?

(4) Hogwarts’s Great Hall Reconsidered

(5) Curse Tablets and the Goblet of Fire

(6) Who’s that Wizard? The Importance of Names in Harry Potter

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