Mighty Morphin’ Lancelot! (Lancelot: Guardian of Time 1997) (Review)

Any time that I watch a low-budget Arthurian film, something almost always happens—I either eagerly devour the movie due to how terrible it is, or I find myself knocking myself out because I am so bored. Thankfully, director Rubiano Cruz’s late-nineties spin on the legend was easy to watch. It was, dare I say, all…Read more »

New Medievalism Today: Understanding How Late Capitalism Redefines the Past

Over the past few months, I have been busy participating in what has been a crash course in what I vaguely call “new medievalism”, or, neo-medievalism. Vague because the term “medievalism” has a deeply confusing history and is intertwined with everything from linguistics to academic discipline. But, beyond the semantics of what it means to…Read more »

Simulating Arthuriana: Some Notes on Guy Ritchie’s “Legend of the Sword”

Man, after slogging through a few Arthurian B-Movies—Excalibur Rising, The Dragons of Camelot, The Real Merlin—I was relieved to finally see an Arthurian film with money behind it, and good acting, and CGI which didn’t make me want to gouge my increasingly twitching eye out. Enter, Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword.…Read more »

Mordred and the Spirit of Mediocrity: Reviewing “Excalibur Rising”

Aggressively mediocre is how I would describe Antony Smith’s 2017 filmic travesty concerning the Arthurian legend. It is one of those films which, like a B-rated horror flick, you watch simply to ridicule; needless to say, it is also one of those films which must be described not in nuanced and even-handed rhetoric but rather…Read more »