King Arthur in the 21st Century and Beyond (Notes:32)

Arthur in the modern time. Over 1500 years after the emergence of the legend, you can find traces of the Arthurian legend from Baghdad to Bangkok while some of the most studious scholars are Japanese. When it comes to North America and Europe, however, the name is ubiquitous and has been highly commoditized. The Arthurian…Read more »

Once and Future: the 20th Century Arthur (Notes: 30)

A Modernist approach to the Roundtable; however, we will not be discussing furniture in this entry, you will be glad to know. Although the Arthurian legend was a bestseller in the medieval period and continued to fascinate during its resurgence in the Victorian, by the 20th century one scholar remarked that every year since 1980,…Read more »

Idylls of the King: The Victorian Arthur (Notes:28)

During the Victorian period, we see an explosion, a resurgence, in all things Arthurian and medieval. European Victorians fetishized the middle ages as a simpler time where people were innocent. But, it was also imagined as a time of great cruelty and barbarism. Part of this fetish meant that people often evoked the medieval period…Read more »

Spenser, Milton, and the Renaissance Arthur (Notes:27)

During the 17th and 18th centuries, the literary landscape was mostly barren of Arthurian literature. It was a dry spell. However, Armstrong like to think of this period simply as writers catching their breath after several centuries of highly imaginative output; after all, the Victorians would bring the Arthurian canon back to life with renewed…Read more »