Pagans and Christians in the Fourth Century (Notes:36)

Julian the Apostate: his reign was for only two years and though he died in his early thirties, he was a hardcore—“fundamentalist,” we could say—Pagan who tried his best to stem the Christian tide and revive Paganism. In 357 one of the most dramatic shifts in governmental policy came with the storage of the Alter…Read more »

Constatine the Great: Christian Emporer (Notes:35)

Constantine the Great was the first Roman Emperor who was a Christian; with the exception of perhaps a single of his successors, he would be the first Christian leader in a long line of eventual leaders. Prior to Constantine’s rise to power Christians were a persecuted sect in the Roman Empire. Though the Roman Empire…Read more »

Diocletian and the Crisis of the Third Century (Notes: 34)

Roman emperor Diocletian. During the third and early fourth century, the Roman Empire was reeling from a series of military defeats, and social and economic crises which nearly provoked collapse. Some scholars remarks that the Roman Empire should have collapsed at this time had it not been for the efforts of Emperor Diocletian, who managed…Read more »