Let’s Read: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Ch.2)

And we’re back!   Previously, we left off with the giant green doofus wrecking Arthur and company’s lovely banquet. I’m not sure how long it took to cook that meal, but if I was the chefs, I would be pissed. Regardless, the mean, lean, green killing-machine challenged the knights to a ridiculous bet involving blows to…Read more »

Let’s Read: The Sword in the Stone (Ch.22)

Are we at Kay’s knighting yet? Nope. Something else happens, in the great fantasy narrative device tradition of not getting on with the fucking plot. (Don’t worry, though, it is actually part of the plot disguised as nonsense.) “’He’s dead,’ cried Sir Pellinore tragically. ‘He’s dead, poor fellah, and can’t hunt anymore’” (195). Turns out…Read more »