Mighty Morphin’ Lancelot! (Lancelot: Guardian of Time 1997) (Review)

Any time that I watch a low-budget Arthurian film, something almost always happens—I either eagerly devour the movie due to how terrible it is, or I find myself knocking myself out because I am so bored. Thankfully, director Rubiano Cruz’s late-nineties spin on the legend was easy to watch. It was, dare I say, all…Read more »

Wagner and Twain: King Arthur in the Late 1800s (Notes:29)

Diverse examples of Arthuania came into existence in the late nineteenth century. Between Wagner’s stylized German operas and Mark Twain’s anachronistic fantasies, we see the incredible diversity and flexibility of the Arthurian tradition. Wagner felt that music was the most important of the arts and music was a ‘total piece of art.’ He was well…Read more »

Let’s Read: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (Ch.23)

After all the hum-drum babble of the previous chapter, what with miracle workings and despair, we finally come to the restoration of the well. Honestly, not much happens in this chapter. “Merlin was still burning smoke-powders, and pawing at the air, and muttering gibberish as hard as ever, but looking down-hearted, for of course he…Read more »