Chaucerian Investigations: The Canterbury Tales (Day 4)

We return for another Chaucerian investigation, so buckle up and let the Middle English fun commence! Today, since I want to begin looking at slightly larger sections in future installments, we will be looking at simply three lines.                 Our passage reads:   Of Engelond to Caunterbury they wende, The holy blisful martyr for to seke…Read more »

Chaucerian Investigations: The Canterbury Tales (Day 3)

Today, we will be examining lines 11-15 of Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales; our investigation will be focusing only on the original Middle English and how the passage has been translated. Previous exercises, such as phonetic inscriptions and scansion, have been omitted for this post and likely many future posts simply to gain a better focus on…Read more »

Chaucerian Investigations: The Canterbury Tales (Day 2)

Today, we will be examining lines 6-10 of the General Prologue. This exercise will exclude reproductions of the phonetic inscriptions since I feel such a copying involves too much of a time investment to include with every post; readers may expect this exclusion to become the norm unless otherwise noted for a post. The remainder…Read more »

Some Remarks on Phonetics (Chaucerian Investigation: 2)

At this point in my investigation, I have not yet begun my work with Chaucer proper. Presently, I am engaged in preparatory study. I ordered a handy guide on Chaucer’s dialect of Middle English– a handy little booklet by Peter G. Beidler called A Student’s Guide to Chaucer’s Middle English— and so have been busy reading…Read more »

How I Now Look at Texts

Lately, I have been looking back on my brief Middle English stint, you know, where I was going through Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales in its original language while looking at several translations. That project (which I may continue).                 Though I have not any idea when I will be returning to that project, if ever, I have been…Read more »

Charting a Course for Adventure! (Chaucerian Investigation: 1)

(This is less an announcement and more of a memory post. I published this post about a year ago on my old medieval research blog, and obviously, I had big plans that I didn’t pursue. But, I am re-publishing it here because I may revisit these posts sometime soon; if this is the case, I…Read more »