The Multiplayer Classroom: Designing Coursework as a Game (Review)

As a pre-service teacher– someone who is training or soon-to-be training as a teacher– I was immensely interested in non-traditional pedagogical methodology. I think this is obvious as it is a societal cliche– what is more well-worn or good for a laugh than the idealistic teacher who tries to reinvent the wheel and love their…Read more »

Issac Epitude (An Enchanted Assemblages Character Introduction!)

(The following is a short introduction to a character from my upcoming creative project Enchanted Assemblages; to learn more, click here.) A classmate of Reno, Issac is a Junior at Tangagile University. Only a part-time student, he works full time at Pullman’s Grocer. Descended from a Jewish Ugandan family, Issac’s deep black skin is what…Read more »