One Teacher in Ten in the New Millennium: LGBT Educators Speak Out About What’s Gotten Better and What Hasn’t (Review)

I really didn’t want to but I relented and did– I bought an overpriced digital copy of editor Kevin Jennings’s third installment in the “One Teacher in 10” series. I knew that I should have bought it but I couldn’t resist. I wanted to read it ASAP and without waiting another whole academic year. So…Read more »

One Teacher in 10: Gay and Lesbian Educators Tell their Stories (Review)

(Now for a review that has nothing to do with medievalism, the ancient or early modern period. Please enjoy one of many engagements with pedagogy and check out my new page devoted wholly to educational matters.)   The last time I read One Teacher in 10: Gay and Lesbian Educators Tell their Stories, I hadn’t…Read more »

Let’s Read: The Sword in the Stone (Ch.22)

Are we at Kay’s knighting yet? Nope. Something else happens, in the great fantasy narrative device tradition of not getting on with the fucking plot. (Don’t worry, though, it is actually part of the plot disguised as nonsense.) “’He’s dead,’ cried Sir Pellinore tragically. ‘He’s dead, poor fellah, and can’t hunt anymore’” (195). Turns out…Read more »