One Teacher in 10: LGBT Educators Tell Their Stories (2nd Edition)(Review)

A little while ago I read the third edition of One Teacher in 10; during that review, I lamented how the stories felt somehow “less.” The stories seemed more constructed and less authentic. Like the teachers were intentionally dramatizing their lives to make them more “screen-worthy.” Internally, I remarked to myself, “I bet the second…Read more »

One Teacher in Ten in the New Millennium: LGBT Educators Speak Out About What’s Gotten Better and What Hasn’t (Review)

I really didn’t want to but I relented and did– I bought an overpriced digital copy of editor Kevin Jennings’s third installment in the “One Teacher in 10” series. I knew that I should have bought it but I couldn’t resist. I wanted to read it ASAP and without waiting another whole academic year. So…Read more »

The Canterbury Tales: The Legacy Today (The Prioress’s Tale)

Pilgrim’s Prize (Pt.16): The Prioress’s Tale (Chaucer Journal) Are you an anti-Semite? Let me rephrase that—are you an Alt-Right supporter? If so, then you will love the tale of the Prioress. Long story short, this is a despicable tale. It concerns a little boy—obnoxious, in my opinion—who very loudly and ignorantly sings an Latin holy…Read more »