Mighty Morphin’ Lancelot! (Lancelot: Guardian of Time 1997) (Review)

Any time that I watch a low-budget Arthurian film, something almost always happens—I either eagerly devour the movie due to how terrible it is, or I find myself knocking myself out because I am so bored. Thankfully, director Rubiano Cruz’s late-nineties spin on the legend was easy to watch. It was, dare I say, all…Read more »

Reading for the Stars: Camelot 3000 and the Medievalism of Futures Past

The Arthurian legend has more adaptations than one can consume in a lifetime—literally. Between the thousands of videos, books, music, and art featuring the Arthurian mythos, whether it is a full-on utilization of the legend or merely a simply allusion—one must be selective in how these texts are consumed, otherwise, you will be left with…Read more »